Your professional hunter plays a major role in your African Adventure. Koos & Kobus Pienaar both have extensive hunting experience and will do everything possible to ensure that you get the best trophies in an ethical way and make your safari the experience of a lifetime.

Koos Pienaar – Professional Hunter (Big Game)
Koos Pienaar was born in 1952, grew up on a farm and has started hunting at the age of five (5). Tracking and hunting became his lifestyle and passion. Later on he became one of the most competent and respected trackers in the country and is widely acknowledged as a fundi on tracking – really one of the best you can find.

He took up professional hunting in 1987. He has built up the numbers of game on his land from zero to hundreds in different species.He was awarded honorary conservationist by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1995 already.With his excellent knowledge of ecology, the ecosystem and animal behaviour, he can explain the ways of the wild in a simple and understandable way to anybody.

He hunted the Big Game concessions in northern Namibia since 1994. With his patient nature he can guide old and young, newcomers as well as experienced hunters for the experience of a lifetime.

Kobus Pienaar (Big Game Professional Hunter)
Kobus is the son of Koos, he is a qualified professional hunter with a vast amount of experience in the hunting and tourism industry and has been working with Huntafrica for more than 10 years.

Kobus is also one of Namibia’s most well known tour guides and is a qualified and registered master tour guide. He completed numerous courses on wildlife, guiding, tracking, and many more in his career as a tour guide. His career started in 1999 as a 4 x 4 safari guide with Uri Adventures, specialising in camping trips, dune driving adventures and other 4 x 4 trips throughout Southern Africa. During his six years at Wilderness Safaris he worked as an up-market camp and lodge manager. He was a specialist tour guide focusing on birding, camping, photographic and film safaris.

James & Christine Chapman
James is a registered hunting guide, as well as a cattle rancher enjoying Beefmaster breeding the Lasater way. After completion of a degree in Commerce at Stellenbosch University, he also got involved in other businesses in non-executive as well as managerial positions.

Christine will be your safari co-ordinator and also provides support services & training to the lodge and camp staff. She has a degree in Psychology and Biokinetics. Her love for the African bush as well as her passion for European-African cuisine makes her the perfect hostess in the hunting industry.

Alexinah and Jerry Muadinohamba
Alexinah and Jerry Muadinohamba, well known to Namibians, joined the Huntafrica Namibia Team in 2010. Alexinah is known for her training and expertise in health services. Jerry, a real leader, is well known in business circles. They play an important role in the Social Responsibility Programme of Huntafrica Namibia Safaris.

Huntafrica employs a further 10 people who serves as trackers, skinners, chefs, drivers and camp attendants. All of the team members are very talented and play an important role in the success of Huntafrica Namibia Safaris.

Bushmen (Barakwena) trackers assist with the hunting of big game, they are well known for their exceptional skills in the bush.


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